Which Kinds of Backlit Displays Are Available For Purchase?

It’s essential to consider how to set oneself apart from the competitors while attending a trade show or big event to avoid being missed.

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In a busy exhibition hall, backlit displays are a terrific way to stand out.

They have the ability to improve the appearance of your booth, attract more customers, and make a good first impression.

Recent major developments in LED technology have made backlit displays more widely available and more reasonably priced. Backlit displays have shown to be a successful strategy for drawing in visitors and increasing sales for a number of exhibitors.

To find out more about backlit cloth displays and the various kinds available, keep reading!

Backlit displays: what are they?

A backlit display usually employs hanging LED graphics with a graphic that pulls over the frame like a pillowcase, or SEG graphics with integrated LEDs. Put otherwise, a backlit display serves the same purpose as a light-up trade show exhibit.

They provide your booth a polished, contemporary look while enabling you to create a warm, enticing ambiance.

Why Opt for a Backlit Screen?

Backlit screens are lightweight, strong, and simple to put together.

They have a powerful visual effect.

Redesigned backlit displays will effectively draw attention to and convey key elements of your messaging.

They are portable and completely adjustable.

Because of their great adaptability, they may be utilized in a range of contexts outside of trade exhibitions.

A Variety of Backlit Graphic Display Types

We at BriteBooth provide a large assortment of visually striking backlit screens to suit every purpose and price range. At your upcoming event, these chic and contemporary LED backlit displays will undoubtedly boost the visibility of your brand:

Backlit displays with wavelight

We employ hanging light arrays in our Wavelight Backlit Displays, which are hung between the front lighted graphic and the rear sewn-in blocker panel. Any size company may effectively utilize these backlit displays since they are lightweight to ship and simple to build.

The layout of the highly well-liked click-in-place aluminum tube frames and pullover cloth graphic display lines, such as Waveline, is replicated in the design of the Wavelight displays. Exhibitors have rapidly grown to love Wavelight displays because of their familiarity and ease of usage.

‍These reasonably priced displays only have single-sided images, yet they nevertheless look amazing and colorful wherever they are put. The Wavelight is an excellent choice if you want to create a backlit show that is very brilliant and uniformly dispersed.

Backlit Displays With Infinity

The main attraction of your exhibit will be your graphics thanks to our Infinity Backlit Displays. Channel-set LED lights with full-frame, edge-to-edge SEG graphics are featured on them. These backlit displays provide an immersive experience that will entice viewers to remain, with high-definition visuals and color uniformity that spans the whole screen.

For this display, single-sided and double-sided graphics are offered. This backlit display may be used in almost any booth size or layout since you can choose to utilize a single-sided or double-sided display panel. To create a continuous back wall, this display can be used alone or in combination with other displays.

360° Backlit Displays Casanara

For 360 degrees of branding, the Casonara 360 Backlit Displays include four total SEG graphics on the front, back, and sides in addition to double-sided LED light arrays. This gives off a distinctive 3D look that immediately draws attention.

The Casonara 360 light up trade show display should be at the top of your list if you want to optimize the visual impact within your booth. The backlit Casonara 360 displays, which use channel-set, edge-to-edge SEG graphics around the panel, offer one of the cleanest designs available.

LED Backlit XVLine Displays

Backlit XVline exhibitions are a wonderful alternative to consider if you want a backlit graphic with a more industrial feel. Despite using larger metal extrusions, these displays are still somewhat portable and simple to install.

Many Exhibitline displays, which have a similar structure and appearance to the XVline, are also offered with illuminated graphics.

360-degree backlit Casanara counters

The lighted Casonara 360 Counters are a big crowd pleaser, of course. These cloth countertops with backlighting are a convenient and transportable method to give your booth a more contemporary vibe and incorporate more branding.

Casonara 360 illuminated displays maximize your area and offer your business more attention while looking like a much more costly booth.

These exhibits are a fantastic method to draw attention to your branding message and make it visible from all sides.

Air Backlit Wavelight Counters

The Wavelight Air Backlit Counters are an unusual display since they can be fully inflated, have 360° of branding, and are backlit. They are definitely quite powerful on the exhibition floor and relatively simple to put up.

Regardless of the size or arrangement, these countertops are a reasonably priced method to give your show or event area that extra pop.

Casonara 360 Delightful Towers

One of the most striking displays you may have in your trade show booth or event space is the Casonara 360 Backlit Towers. The lighting of each of the four distinct designs is flawless, and the towers exhibit exceptional crispness.

One of those displays that will draw attention and draw visitors into your booth area is the Casonara 360 Backlit Towers. You may place their enormous and captivating wraparound graphics practically anyplace in your event space. The Casonara 360 Backlit Towers are a fantastic choice if you want to modernize your area and give it more flair.

Air-Backlit Wavelight Towers

The Wavelight Air Backlit Towers are inflatable, backlit, and provide a 360-degree view of your marketing message, just like the Wavelight Air Counters. It’s simple to locate the ideal tower for your area because they come in a variety of sizes and forms. People are drawn to these buildings because they are genuinely impossible to miss displays. They are the ideal means of spreading targeted marketing messages and strengthening your brand.

These towers’ striking appearance and easy installation make them a popular choice. Because of their adaptability, you can place them wherever in your event space or trade show booth and still take advantage of the 360° illuminated display.


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