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The bassoon can’t be mentioned with an excessive quantity of reward; he’s really a really superior player, whose quality of tone, and beautiful execution cannot be too much appreciated. On the entire this Quartetto was a musical treat. Your criticism on Der Freischutz, &c.

Isabella MELODIA

The Clog Hornpipe, by Silvain is undoubtedly a unprecedented efficiency, and the truthfulness with which he adheres to time is astonishing. The rustic piano is actually a novel sort of instrument, being merely constructed out of a few pieces of pine stick. Mr. Porter performed several admirable tunes on this rude instrument with a perfection of execution that called forth an encore. An amusing comic duet occurred between Messrs. Porter and Germone, after which, “Miss Lucy Long” (Silvain) was launched.

Canberra Citynews

the place Pastry and Refreshments of any kind will he obtained. In order to secure the prepared and entire Patronage of the women and Gentlemen of Sydney Mr. G will spare no Pains to render his Coffee Room a Place of fashionable Resort. I agreed to purchase the watches on credit.

Abruptly Solo, Granger Saves The Day

gave their companies gratuitously on the event, and it is satisfactory to state that the enchantment was generously responded to by the basic public. The corridor, in reality, was crowded, and people who so kindly patronised the woman for “Auld lang syne,” had no purpose to complain, for the entertainment was properly chosen, and elicited the hearty approbation of all current. Mr. Henry Thomas Gehde, son of the late Mr. August Gehde, died at his residence, Dover-road,

Great care has been taken to render the band and chorus totally environment friendly, and it’s confidently hoped that the public of Geelong will heartily support the Society’s endeavours in offering concert Isabella MELODIA events of this elevating character. Tickets and books containing the words of the Oratorio, available at . Sec., Geelong, September 14th, 1855. And notice is hereby given, that the choice of the Creditors’ Assignees to take place at the time appointed.

Mr. Pitt and Mr Fitzgerald also expressed similar opinions. The Commissioner stated the contract was afterwards with Mrs. Reeves. Mr. Lees as amicus curia, concurred with the Commissioner. The Commissioner directed the purpose for the motion in the plaint to be altered from considered one of assure to contract. Andre Rees, one other musican gave comparable proof to Mr. Hewlins.

to obtain the patronage of the basic public of Hobart Town. Will not only attend Schools, however will give Lessons privately. Address, No. 30, Melville-street. – The PARTNERSHIP beforehand present between JOSEPH T. GIBBS, ALFRED MASSINA, JOSEPH T. SHALLARD and WILLIAM CLARSON, underneath the fashion and agency of Clarson, Shallard & Co., Printers, Melbourne and Sydney, was DISSOLVED on the twenty third day of NOVEMBER, 1863, so far as regards the stated Joseph T. Shallard and William Clarson.

The alternative of having fun with a nice day on the water was seized by about 70 holiday keepers of each sexes. The Monarch left Luttrell and Wise’s wharf, at 2 p.m., and returned, at 7 1/2 p.m. The day was remarkably fantastic, the water easy, and the ocean breeze pleasant and invigorating. On reaching Birch’s Bay the get together proceeded in a physique to inspect Mr. Less’s steam saw-mills, in full operation, with which the guests expressed themselves a lot gratified. On the return passage, dancing was the order of the day.

From our own experience of him, as a musician and a gentleman, we can only speak by way of clear praise. It is sort of supererogatory to say how a lot the Edinburgh public are indebted to him for the various musical treats afforded by his Band. Their correct and intelligent rendering of the music, and the benefit and familiarity delayed within the basic phrasing, betoken a radical and cautious coaching,

On Tuesday night final [24 October], a wonderful live performance occurred at the Lodge of Druids, No. 372, held on the Lower George, on this city. The programme (drawn up by Mr. John Gabb,) was of a most inviting nature, embracing choruses, overtures, quartets, glees, duets, valses, and recitations. The complete of the musical talent, for which this society is a lot famous, was referred to as into action.

whose instrumentation is a lot admired; music by Mr. Rainford, and Mr. Rayner’s stump speech, Or any oder Man. The third and concluding half was dedicated to the Christy’s burlesque on the Opera Maritana. Mr. G. J. Gee presided on the piano, and we were so nicely happy with that gentleman’s rendering, that we hope to hear to more of his music. A grand soiree was given in the Town Hall, Norwood, on Tuesday night, August 20, in help of the Clayton Chapel Sunday college . The programme was then commenced with the chorus “Peaceful shades,” which was very nicely given by Messrs. Dyer, Jagoe,


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